Our menu

Our menu is unique. We prepare food according to what we have every time. We always have something.
If you ask us we can prepare different foods:

  • Vegetarian
  • Every kind of meat
  • If you can not eat some food (health or religious reasons) just let us know

It is mandatory to book in advance if you want us to prepare either a lunch or a dinner for you. Remember that we are not neither a restaurant or a fast food.

We follow the house farm rules using as much as we can our products and we can try to select the best products of our territory.

We cook only seasonal products. We prepare only local and traditional roman recipes using seasonal products.

In this way we propose tasty and healthy food. We can do that using genuine products like the roman poet Orazio used to say:

Nec sibi cenarum quivis temere arroget artem
non prius exacta tenui ratione saporum
E nessuno presuma a cuor leggero
di far sua l'arte gastronomica,
se prima non ha sviscerato
la sottile scienza del gusto

News from the kitchen

  • Gli strascinati sono un tipo di pasta acqua e farina, chiamati così, almeno da me e da mia suocera, perché......