The Adventure’s Barn

We arrange every year, from June to July, “the adventure’s barn” that is a camping for kids and boys.
Boys, without parents and away from their world, can experience new adventures in a new and safe environment. They can challenge new activities around mountains and woods.
Our camping allowed boys to go around by themselves and they can get over many fears of spiders, insects, dogs, darkness.
The freedom of movement creates a positive environment that helps boys to live with other people and respect other ones, food and animals. Kids and boys, in very little time, get without effort new rules like eating all together, share food and not waste it, keep themselves clean and everything tidy.

We offer every year different weekly adventures with different subjects . When every week camping is about to end we use everything we have prepared.
There is also leave-taking party the second last day when we prepare all together an oven pizza.

Usually the topic is inspired by a story or a fantastic setting with many commune elements coming from boys ideas. According to the topic and program the activities elicit the artistic, musical, theatrical, choreographic, scientific creativity.

Our educational project aims are based on adaptability, sense of community and expressiveness.

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