Hikes and excursions

The area is very good for hiking with many paths that can be crossed on foot ,
By bicycle, by horse.

There is an equipped path (open around the calendar) that can be completed in 6 days. The path starts at Contigliano and reach Farfa Abbey, already checked by Belgian, Dutch, Altoatesini, German, British, American, Australian, Canadian hikers, who arrive here with different European tour operators.

At the end of every stage there is either a B&B or a farmhouse (our one for example) that welcome hikers who will also find their luggage in the rooms.

It’s a beautiful path, different and amazing, in a hilly area that looks like a mountain, mainly populated by grazing animals.
It is possible to accomplish the path in 6 days, depending on your strength and time.
In Italian way it is named Sabina on foot and we take care of it directly.

The great thing is the path that starts from your room.

If you get little bit farther, around 30 km, it’s possible to explore Terminillo Mountain and it’s nearby territory that is made by 4 municipalities.

The area is suitable for skiing during winter, however for walking during other seasons: it’s impervious and wild, with soft grazing fields, full of plant life (many mountain orchid, and protect plants such as Genziana) and fauna (in same areas is possible to see wolf footprints)

Same suggestions for nearby territory

The rocky path of San Michele sanctuary, doable in 20 minutes on foot reaching by car the end of the uphill; instead 2 and half hour on foot starting at the bottom of Fienile farmhouse (to have an idea from the point of view of a very good guide).

The Montenero walk and the Orsini castle visit (we can arrange the booking)

The Saint Francesco Fonte Colombo sanctuary’s ramble.

The tour at Galatina river waterfalls, so called “devil paddle”

The tour at the top of Tancia mountain, also at Pizzuto mountain: more challenging however more beautiful

Hikes and excursions