Considered the pristine, tidy, clear and protected features of the place in which we are, the children are our main aim.
In our farm, not a school, children can:

Enjoy the contact with many pets such as dogs, cats, donkeys, goats, horses and pigs

Explore freely and respectfully the nearby environment with the hope to see some wild animals around

Express themselves through games and artistic, scientific, fantasy, culinary arts that we arrange on regular basis

Some activities available in our farm **

  • Food workshop (handmade pasta, cookeries, pizza)
  • Start getting used to riding a horse and horseback lessons
  • Walk along with Sardinian donkeys
  • Make goat cheese after having helped Mauro (our farmer) to milk the goats
  • Harvest the grapes
  • Pick up olives
  • Speak in English

** These activities require a fee and must be booked in advance for at least 5 children. However, we can consider other requests according to specific needs.

Same other nearby offers

  • The most famous attraction: Marmore waterfall.
  • The adventurous beech wood park “Fagus Park” at Fontenova di Leonessa in which it is possible to explore easy or more challenging paths.
  • Rafting on the river Velino with the help of the sport club Avventuristicando
  • Explore the underground Roman city Narni and Rieti
  • Visit the Modern Automata Museum at Sabina city
  • Enjoy the olive museum at Castelnuovo di Farfa

News Children

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