The Activities


Since 2006 we have being organizing every summer many adventure activities for kids


You can use a hiking path and other ones That start from your room’s door


You can prepare bread, sweets, pasta and eat all together


Our place and our vocation are the engine of our projects and kid’s activities


We are located a the bottom of Tancia Mountain on the road (the same that Carlo Magno took to get to Rome for his coronation) that allowed you to arrive in Umbria territory from Rome through the very important Farfa Abbey.
The area is characterized by limy rocks that due to corrosive water action effect undergo typical karst effects by creating caves. Among those the most famous is San Michele Arcangelo cave that you can reach on foot.

Here you can easily spot wild animals such as: boars, deers, foxes, porcupines,  hedgehogs, squirrels, owls, hoopoes, hawks, buzzards. You can also spot flowers: cyclamens, primulas, mountain orchids and herbs.
You will be able to enjoy our relaxing swimming pool with its deckchairs, however, if you prefer more dynamic activities you can explore the nearby regions like Lazio, Umbria, Abruzzo and Marche.

It’s possible do both activities: a lit bit of relaxing and go around too. From our place you can reach Casperia, Poggio Mirteto, Farfa, Rieti, Contigliano, Cottanello, Franciscan sanctuaries, Lake Lungo park, Piediluco and Labro lake and Marmore’s Falls.

You can choose either naturalistic/historic trips or:

  • Hiking: we are on the Greccio – Farfa Abbey path
  • Rafting and Boating: we are quite close to different rivers where it is possible find guides who can bring you there
  • Horse ride: there is riding school at 13 km away from our place
  • Cycling: there is a cycling path that allowed you go to Poggio Bustone, Rieti, Contigliano, Greccio.

More than this and other things (such as gliding, hang gliding, golf and so on), one can take part in our workshops, especially those of pasta, bread and desserts

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