The Idea

There has been so much effort and passion behind our organic company. We started everything from the scratch.
Our guests very often wonder how we can handle everything and how we can do all job by ourselves. Actually, I get some help from outside during olive harvesting and when I set up the vegetable garden during spring. However, I mainly handle everything by myself relying on the concept that I have been always following: plan and diversify.

The first concept (plan) makes me optimize the effort, that it’s very important when you don’t have so many resources. The second concept (diversify) takes strength from the first concept (plan) and it based on the idea to create a self-sufficient farm. Furthermore, we follow the financial principle to diversify in order to reduce the losing risk. We follow the old way of not to waste anything during daily life. We adopt this principle in the agriculture field as well, that is usually quite conservative and not willing to change its way.

Across the time I learned slowly a lot. I have always checked agriculture knowledge with old and experienced farmers. I started this new business and a new life when I was in my 50s. I killed two birds with a stone.
You can feel so much dissatisfaction around and due to that many people think we are very lucky. We don’t have a secret recipe, however, we believe that every life has up and down sides, our one too. Nevertheless, I would say according to my experience that it isn’t good having regrets and to not follow passions with determination and wit.

Some more general reflections

I could understand through my experience how much Italy doesn’t look forward to its future. A lot people in Italy since the end of WW2 have been trying to reach a develop model that doesn’t belong to Italy without considering the richness that it has by itself. The richness I’m speaking about it’s already available and we don’t have to build either factories or assembly lines, we already live on it. The surprising thing is that a lot of people, mainly foreigners, look for this richness that we have.

Environment, agriculture, food and wine (including our artistic heritage) can create many opportunities. What we need is an economic development model that can make agriculture a priority for this country.
How come the agriculture is the last thing that we consider in daily life? For instance I left my 9-5 job to become a farmer and I feel better now.

If our politicians don’t do anything in order to make people understand how much important is the agriculture, many young people will not be able to find a job in this field. In other worlds a huge waste of resource.

The experience that we are having shows how much it is important the agriculture since we are making a live just farming, breeding, cooking and hosting many foreigners that really appreciate our territory.